Built from the ground up for secure, highly available operations


Built on linux with selinux enabled and tuned for the cardano node software stack

CIS Hardened

Our systems are hardened against the CIS benchmarks


We encrypt all data at rest. We also encrypt all data in transit.


Our pool is distributed throughout many regions and service providers


Our pool is fully automated, making it possible to guarantee high availability and add various layers of security through automation.

Layered Security

We do not rely on one tool or approach. We have various layers of network and endpoint security.

Relay Nodes

Region FQDN Port
US-EAST relay.us-east-3a.quantumpool.io 3001
US-EAST relay.us-east-3a.quantumpool.io 3002
US-EAST relay.us-east-3a.quantumpool.io 3003
US-EAST relay02.us-east-1h.quantumpool.io 3001
US-EAST relay02.us-east-1h.quantumpool.io 3002
US-EAST relay03.us-east-1i.quantumpool.io 3001
US-EAST relay03.us-east-1i.quantumpool.io 3002
US-EAST relay04.us-east-1j.quantumpool.io 3001
US-EAST relay04.us-east-1j.quantumpool.io 3002
US-WEST relay05.us-west-1a.quantumpool.io 3001
US-WEST relay06.us-west-1b.quantumpool.io 3001